Reality Winner: A Case of Misogynistic Oppression

I’ve written about Reality’s treatment, and why we should be paying attention. I’ve written about how mainstream media continues to ignore her case, even after reporting on her initial arrest. And I’ve written about how we need to be talking to our government officials and candidates running for office in the upcoming elections about closing the gaps in whistleblower protection laws, and about the use of the Espionage Act against whistleblowers. It would seem that with a case of this magnitude, more people would be paying attention. But due to lack of media coverage, with the exception of various shout outs from big names such as actress Rosie O’Donnell, political Twitter personality Brian Krassentien, whistleblower attorney and Expose Facts founder Jesselyn Radack, and Thomas Drake, Reality and her family mainly gain supporters one tweet at a time, one Facebook post at a time, and one protest march at a time.  Just recently, a billboard appeared in Georgia, advocating for Reality.  Many of her supporters thought this could be a turning point in main stream coverage because Magistrate Epps and Judge Hall weren’t happy with the billboard.  Supporters took this chance to spotlight Reality’s silencing as her defense team was even being scolded about this billboard, someone else’s First Amendment Right to free speech, that they had nothing to do with.  But still, there’s little media coverage, and nothing main stream. Now that I’ve written a few pieces on Reality, I’m starting to see a bigger picture.  When I look at what I have written as a whole about her case there seems to be a common denominator that keeps popping up, and I can no longer ignore it. This pattern I’m seeing is what women are currently fighting back against. A pattern that has gone on for decades, nay, centuries, of men having the upper hand. A pattern of women’s oppression & inequality. You see, sexism hides everywhere, from the darkest corners, to right under our noses. And Reality is feeling the full force of it. [...]

Risking Freedom By Telling The Truth

This one issue, that many don’t think about, and has gone largely unspoken, is whistleblower protections.  Fraud and corruption run through our government like a snake slithering through high grass.  It can be hard for the decent high-level government officials to spot, because it succeeds as it’s concealed right under their noses.  Lower-level officials and private citizens, by contrast, sometimes have an advantage of seeing it from the outside, or a bird’s-eye view. America does have a few different whistleblower protections in place, but they definitely need to be looked at and amended in order to fill the gaps for those who should be protected, as well as to address the broken chain of commands that happen when an official decides to sweep something under the rug and be complacent.  One must simply look at the case of Reality Winner, among other whistleblowers, for a prime example of why these laws need to be changed. [...]


We anons span the globe. We all support different causes for different reasons. The strength and passion in each of us is what makes us great. The fact that we do not always agree with one another is a minimal issue as we are all able to step above and stand for all rights and for those who can not stand or are oppressed. At times some feel alone in their fight or just alone. We are here as a friendly ear,or a sounding board for those that need us. The over all misconception of anons being “hackers” or that we are all “anarchist” is nothing but a myth. We are parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts and neighbors. We walk all life styles from professionals to homeless. We have no dues no membership. We are just people that choose to express our concern for different issues. We can contact one another in every country and ask: “is this really going on in your area?”. We are a network of “people” that are realist that can never be dismantled or destroyed. As more and more people globally wake up our numbers tend to grow. The things that we choose to expose grows by bounds as more people take the time to expose corruption in all parts of the world. We care not about fame or fortune. We have a love of humanity as a whole and a love of true freedom. Governments dislike us, people misunderstand us, news media slanders us. Yet we always expose corruption for the monster it is. [...]