Fanaticism in end of 2021

There’s Omicron variant!

A: Boost them all!

How about countries like Yemen, Palestine, Syria and the refugee camps? How about Africa?

A: Bomb them all!

How about the countries where the Variants are claimed to have originated?

A: Close the borders! Keep them out!

Disgusting reality of Western societies endless greed and self-serving hypocrisy. As a Westerner myself, I feel ashamed of belonging to society, that lacks common sense, humanity and compassion towards others. To me, the citizens have the right to refuse vaccine and boosters, while the rest of the world is denied a single dose, stand up for what is morally and ethically right. Tell the pigs, to deliver vaccines and not death to countries they currently aid to destroy.

Leaders that lack empathy and morality, aren’t different from past fanatics and dictators. Anyone who tells me to be grateful to what I am offered, the life and security I have, is wrong, because how can you be grateful for something, that we know, is achieved at the expense of other peoples’ lives. Can’t we all see the connection?

At the present the measures taken in Europe and elsewhere are unjustifiable and dehumanizing. Why deny people the right to use public transport, allowing vaccinated people access to restaurants, bars, public services without a test. People who have had COVID 1-3 times and are double jabbed are testing positive with high infectiousness rates. Are the Governments protecting the people, or the contracts they have signed with the Big Pharma companies? The latest announcement by the Netherlands Health Minister Hugo de Jonge, to offer multiple boosters to citizens indicates recklessly and selfishly forcing something on citizens, that isn’t offering protection from infection, but rather nearing a lunacy and hysteria.

Where there is oppression, they should expect reaction

How to Survive in 2022

A year ago, everything seemed still temporary, something that would go away eventually. There was a lockdown around this time, but we knew it will end eventually. For everyone.

This year end was different. There is unequal unbalanced lockdown. Restricted access to services for unvaccinated, while allowing vaccinated people to live a relatively normal life. When the number of cases goes down, will the unvaccinated people still be restricted access to services? Are people placed in indefinite house arrest for wanting to take medical decisions over their own body?

Not everyone currently in-house arrest is an anti-vax; the large majority is not. The States likes to label everyone as such to create division and public shaming.

The state has taken the people hostage, the people should take the state hostage and get prepared to the scenario where the World opens up, but not for everyone.

1. Mandatory Vaccination and boosters
Action: Based on Human right to access information, that allows a person to make fully informed decisions over their body
  • Visit your GP and ask to get full analyses of your Immune system. If you have compromised immune system, Pfizer has recently marked it a contraindication to receive their vaccine.
  • Ask to get an Antibody test, to verify that you haven’t already had asymptomatic COVID infection.
  • Ask to see full, complete set of research documents of the available vaccines. Including those that the Pharmaceutical companies haven’t released. The state has a responsibility to demand to see and publish everything. If the Pharmaceutical companies refuse, the law enforcement officials can raid the offices.
  • Ask to see evidence that the vaccine has specifically tested with individuals having same health issues, you possibly have.
  • Write a letter to the Government/Parliament that you deny your right to get vaccinated in ethical and moral grounds, because your State is denying release of the Patent, that would allow delivery and production in poorer countries.
  • Empty your bank account, to avoid state freezing it or forcefully collecting fines for not complying. Refuse to pay any fines that result to your right to exercise your fundamental human right to take decisions over your own body.
Freedom of movement and Green Pass/QR codes access restrictions
Action: Based to Human right to freedom of movement
  • Stop filing and paying taxes. Why should people contribute to public services, they are denied access to?
Denied access to medical health care
Action: Based on Human right to access and receive medical health care
  • Stop contributing to the Social security system. As in section 2, why pay while the right to health care is denied?
Action for all 3. Take to the streets! Don’t let them take your freedoms away, once they are lost, it is more difficult to restore them.

I am not advocating for reckless disobedience that places human lives in risk. There is a limit what the public servants can do in their position. They are not in power to become tyrants and ruling all aspects of our lives. Some people get paralysed under oppression, while others find solutions.

Happy 2022, make it the best you can, in your terms, not on terms of the state, that is busy stealing Human Rights away, who abuses their power and have the Justice system in their pocket.

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