Peace isn’t a profitable business or part of the WEF partners interests

The people are used as funders of business, that causes loss of lives everywhere.
We have the right to refuse!

It’s a human right to refuse to fund military industry and alliance like NATO, who’s whole existence is based on killing people in other countries.

In some countries, where the military service is compulsory, people have a right to refuse to serve, based on conscientious. The same right should be applied to funding such a “service”. They call it security of the nation, we call it a massacre for profits!


Previous version:

“1967 resolution of the Council of Europe, referring to the European Convention on Human Rights, which called on member states to grant their citizens the right to conscientious objection to military service.”

Our demand:
“2022 resolution of the Council of Europe, referring to the European Convention on Human Rights, which called on member states to grant their citizens the right to conscientious objection to fund military service and equipment, including membership payments to NATO.”

This is based on persons conscientious and the government shouldn’t have the right to collect and use tax payers money in defense and military, without giving an option to contribute to the society instead. Societal funding that is used to lift people out of poverty, building homes and increasing funding of the health care, education, social security and pensions that, at the present are not adequate to secure decent dignifying life.

Why would anyone, who believes right to life and happiness, chose to contribute destroying homes and futures of the children? Only because incompetent leaders are having arguments, caused by strategical decisions, that never placed the interests of the citizens to the center. The problem isn’t who started the war, but in the fact, that the people let them get away with it. We have urgent need to restructure the present power structures, place the governments in servants position, and not let them to push people to become slaves of their bad decisions.

Today the whole Europe has reached a turning point. People are taking to the streets against rising energy prices, against the EU 27 Governments, their insane spending on military and implementing the WEF agenda. Simultaneously, the EU Commission is pushing forward legislation’s, that equals to mass-surveillance and trying to acquire executive powers over member states governments in defense and healthcare sectors, another aspect, that’s in line with the WEF NWO. It’s obvious, nothing in above, is to advancing people’s well being. It reminds more of a forceful expropriation of human and land rights, where in the end the corporates own the lands and the people. Citizen ships are converted to free slaves, with a QR code attached. The states provides only to those, who can prove themselves as a trustworthy, obedient citizens, without opinion or mind of their own.

The reason to mention WEF in this context, is that wars are profitable to WEF partners, especially Lockheed Martin and its investor BlackRock. Ironically the WEF partners are profiting from destruction of infrastructures, homes and killing families, including little children. WEF claims to work towards UN agenda 2030, its laughable, because none of the partners can reach even a SDG goal nr 16 and many others. Why did the UN sign a MoU with the WEF, Anthony Guterres knows whats the business of their partners.

The Debt Traps

The European Union and its 27-member states have pushed the citizens and next generations to come, into a debt trap. In Germany the debt per person is over 30 000,00 euro, with + 83%/GDP and in Italy its worse, with +130%/GDP. Remember what the parents used to say, “don’t spend what you don’t have”. Did you sign the Governments loan agreements? If not, it is not the peoples responsibility to participate in paying it back.

To contribute to the mounting debt, the European Union has planned to borrow billions of Euro’s to keep the war going on in Ukraine. Many EU nations have allowed the EU lead the response and they are reluctant ending the war, instead they are borrowing to financing it.

How about the people and governments spending?

Recently the EU Institution employees received a pay rise, to compensate the surge of inflation, in total of 8,5%. EU Commission employees’ salaries are exempt from national taxation and mainly free of any kind of taxes. From receptionist to top the range is between 3000-25000 euro a month. Hardly making them eligible for increase. In the mean time majority of citizens around the Europe, are made to survive with one third or half of the amount the EU officials are receiving. The people are made to choose between heating or eating and are in verge of losing everything. It is clear that the EU Commission and Council gives little regard to the citizens and the announcement of saving 15% in energy consumption by the member states is ridiculous, considered their own 8,5 salary increase. Their reluctance in ending the war, instead of borrowing to financing it. (Did you know, that the EU is borrowing is violating no-debt clause of Article 311 of the TFEU?).

In just world the citizens from various nations, would receive a tax reduction of 8,5% from their today’s taxation rate. Why should the people finance an EU institution that implements WEF agenda hastily, to get maximum damage done, prior to Ursula von Der Leyen leaving her seat in summer 2024?

The governments needs to set a new minimum for the monthly free of tax portion, to meet the increasing needs due to rising inflation, without discrimination. You would think that they can afforded, after witnessing the weekly announcement of new billions found and spend by them. There’s just the thing that what we have seen flowing, is a money borrowed, to be given away and the next generations needs to pay it back. This is called, maladministration of public funds.

Also it is grotesque that in 2022, still in Europe, the women are unequally paid and their pensions reduced, comparing to their male colleagues and spouses. That there are still families, collecting little bit over 1200 euro a month, in societies, where with the present inflation, a minimum 2400 is need it to make the ends meet. At the same time, the governments are paying billions of euros aid, to keep the wars going on. Billions of euros, they don’t actually have. Italy, is a good example, the country is in verge of default, but somehow it found 54 millions to send away just couple of months ago.

In Germany, the situation is critical if the gas supply is interrupted, the statement from Habeck, for increasing energy prices was “the citizens must also pay their part”. Not sure what is the citizens part, in this whole mess, because none of the citizens were asked opinion or approval, before starting sending billions and supplying arms. As long the financial support flows in, uninterrupted, together with the arms supplies, there is not an emergency to end the war or seriously engage in peace talks. It is bad enough that a nation, who had a special standing in, not militarizing has been pushed to spend and take on arms again. Disrespectfully criticized by its allies and the nation, in receiving end.

The US is self-sufficient in its energy needs, they are not facing the same problems, but are pushing the European economies to the ruins. The fossil fuel corporations are using the opportunity anyway to rip of the Americans at the gas pump. How long it will take, before the Americans will rise up too?

European Commission, President, Ursula von der Leyen, has a past, with a long list of dubious meetings with the US based Palantir a WEF partner and Pfizer. Her reputation of mismanaging public funds and in overall, much criticized secrecy, in her dealings with the foreign corporations did cost her for losing confidence among German citizens. To the extend, that she wasn’t nominated to her present position by the German government, but a EU Council. Today, she knows very well, what her actions are causing and that the victims are the European citizens.

The heads of leaders are rolling already, in UK Johnson announced his resignation, and a week after in Italy, Mario Draghi, after non-confidence vote handed over his resignation letter. Italians are protesting against the government for various reasons. Increasing energy, food prices, drought and the globalization agenda pushed by the WEF and EU, carrying a name of Green Deal. It’s a mistake of global governments, that they think they can do whatever they please with tax payers money. How can they think that they can help other countries and forget their own? That people would silently endure and accept this.

The EU’s WEF, Green Deal has sent the Netherlands to a civil war, joined by the farmers in Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. Without farmers there is no food, but without the military spending there would be peace.

It’s time to say, enough!

Among the demand to change rules in taxation, it is necessary to have a no confidence vote, against the EU Council, Commission and the EU Parliament. The Parliament at the present has one large party the EPP, that makes sure these controversial legislations and green deals are passed. Not to forget, the upcoming ChatControl legislation, and how dangerous it is to everyone’s freedom and privacy.

The parliament has already passed several legislations and regulations that are hurting the European citizens. It is imperative for the people, to demand to have the opportunity, to stop the implementation of more legislations, that are written purposefully in such a complex language and camouflaged under a “good cause” that the people without legal background have difficult to understand.

There is one more reason to demand change in EU power structure, the countries have a plan to abolish smaller political parties from the Parliament. The most vocal opposers of implementation legislations and regulations that are supporting WEF corporate power socialism and the culture of applying mass-surveillance on the citizens and digitalization of everything at the expense of our human right to privacy. The importance is to change the Parliament functioning under direct democracy, through direct citizens representing themselves is a must to save democracy in Europe.

If you think like us, join to demand change in taxation and funding of military industry, call for Europe wide no confidence vote against EU institutions and by these actions, restoring the lost democracy we have today.

A word about WEF

WEF is pushing “socialism”, that has nothing to do with original concept of socialist ideology. In Socialist societies, the original idea was to govern with the people as equals, distribute wealth and give everyone access to education and healthcare without discrimination. Unfortunately, power is a blinding drug, that lead many socialist countries turned to dictatorships. Today their opposites, the capitalists countries are using “socialism”, to make people more likely to accept their agenda. Factually, there is no difference between WEF and any other tyrannical government. Both are using force, manipulation through main stream media, oppression of the free speech, right to protest or oppose the present power and restricting access to information. COVID QR codes and lockdown’s gave a pre-taste of the world if under WEF rule.

WEF partners are including environmental destructors, mining companies, Rio Tinto and Vale. In animal farming Tyson Foods. Nestle, who is stealing the ground water of countries to make profits from, limited natural resource, that used to be free for everyone. As a result drying up the water supply of millions of people and causing irreparable harm. Surveillance technology, Palantir. Military industry, Lockheed Martin. Financing sector, PayPal and several Banks accused of corruption and are indicted in courts. Social media, Meta and Oil, Chevron, who dumbed oil in Ecuadorian rainforest that “led to an epidemic of cancer and other oil-related health problems that has decimated Indigenous cultures; experts call the disaster the “Amazon Chernobyl””.

The past graduates are including Bolloré Group CEOs, Vincent and Yannic Bolloré, who are responsible for land grabbing in West African countries under company Socfin. Vincent Bolloré was recently indicted for corruption and has been battered with limitless law suits, in the past from corruption to illegal land grabbing in West African countries. Vincent Bolloré, owns several companies, including Media

“Concentration of media power

Since the 1980s, the group has gradually taken control of a chunk of French media, sometimes involving brutal reshuffles: audiovisual (Canal+ group and its channels C8 and CNews, Europe 1 radio), press (Prisma Media, the leading magazine group in France, JDD, Paris-Match, Prisa in Spain), advertising and communication (Havas), publishing (Editis) and telecoms (Telecom Italia).

The list is endless, the common elements are corruption, land grabbing, environmental catastrophes and destruction, human rights violations and other unethical business practices. Seriously are you willing to let them to rule over your life and make you pay for the use of internet, so they can suck every penny out of you and leave you bare without owning even your own thoughts anymore.

This is why we need to stand up NOW! While we can and demolish the WEF, eradicate the infiltrators from the Governments and institutions.

Make it clear that there is nothing about us, without us and the reality is for people to make. Never, to corporate implanted puppets.

The opinions expressed in the article are of the author, they don’t represent opinion of others.

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