Operation Paper Storm

On 10 December 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations.
Mindful of the horrors of World War II, the member states of the newly formed UN organization displayed great vision and courage, placing their faith in universal values ​​that protected the freedom and dignity of all human beings.

The world today seems one of endless war, destruction, corruption and greed. Since 1948 the governments of the world have been increasingly working against the universal human rights, legislating against our freedoms and actively denying our basic rights as laid down in the declaration.

It’s a silent war of censorship, of silencing voices of dissent, while hiding corruption and abuses of power.
Creating rules and laws to use as weapons against the rights of the people, dictatorial governments and their wealthy backers ignore those same rules and laws with impunity, while profitting from corruption and greed.
While we pay for committees and lobbyists to sit their pampered arses around tables of exotic woods, and while they proudly claim they’re ‘Getting the Job Done!’, the world descends further into the chaos of hunger, disease and hate.

These politicians, leaders and influencers don’t represent us. The media struggles to tell the truth preferring to give formulated opinions that fuel anger, bigotry and division.

Knowledge is being hidden behind paywalls, solutions bought up or hushed up by global corporations to profit only the rich. All around the world people are being repressed and brutalized, environments plundered and poisoned.
This is not working, there needs to be a change.

Our words, our thoughts, our lives should be free, not censored or privatized. We should be allowed to grow through exchange of ideas, not dictated by algorithmic data trends.
The spark of innovation is just that, a spark not the dull gray of controlled mediocrity.
You are not powerless, you can make a difference. You are the revolution of change, all of us speaking out in our many voices with one heart.

We ask you to use your words, your actions, your ideas and join the revolution, join us in speaking truth to power, take courage in being Anonymous to speak your words.
Be vocal; speak to your friends, neighbors, family. Speak in streets, bars, cafes, supermarkets, places of work. Speak on social media.
Get creative; fliers, banners, posters, chalk on pavements, create art, create memes, create videos, music, poetry, dance. All can convey a message.
Be inventive; find solutions for problems, community gardens, adaptions of alternative energies, water purification, clean up environments. Sew the seeds of ideas for others to use and grow.
No matter how small your action, together we are a powerful force, we are the change.

So join us in hacking hearts and minds, a passive and creative resistance, a global sharing of ideas, inspiring others, setting the truth free.

Operation Paperstorm / #OpPaperstorm is being relaunched as an initiative to spread information, ideas and the truth around the world, without censorship.

Holding to one of the main principles of Anonymous, that we take no profit from the name or from what we do, this is a free and open exchange.

Going beyond the controlled media of the modern world, we are calling for information to be shared to the collective of humanity.

Information is power, information is the spark that we can all learn from and grow as a collective of humanity for the betterment of the world

And we all agree we need to stand up and make that change now!

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