We are nicely placed under house arrest, everything is closed, our movements are restricted and those who were already vulnerable are finding themselves in even more vulnerable position. Leading to deep reflections. How do we see this ending? What can we do to make sure that the restrictions of our movements and freedoms are not becoming part of the new normal forever?

Many people don’t know about their rights. It’s a combination of being too trusting, ignorant, indifferent or not wanting to spend time on reading the legal jargon of the laws and regulations. Those of us, who knows about our rights have the moral responsibility to share their knowledge. It isn’t about taking any political stance or being pro/anti vaccine, covid denier or recognizer. The struggle to save our freedoms has started. Against censorship, intruders of our privacy and simply against governments oppression in general.

It’s a form of torture to be first placed under house arrest and then let out, under condition of submitting to carry digital passport, that traces our movements. Having our medical records placed in centralized database, available across the globe. People who are refusing to submit to the request, will end up classified as a second-class citizen, without getting access to certain liberties, until they have no more choice.

While some accept this, just to get their freedoms back, others are unable to do so, because it’s against their principles and understanding of higher values what’s right. We are as free as we are willing to be, demanding back our liberties. This is the turning point, no one can afford to lose. Do we accept to become prisoners to gain “freedom” or do we decide to take it back on our own terms.

We don’t need a controlled society, it’s time to break free and take what’s for ours to take!

Governments who are trying to hold to their control over our liberties are walking on the thin ice. They don’t have the knowledge, evidence and proven facts, to support their unacceptable demands towards us. No one is giving willingly us any information, not about the vaccines available, not even our family doctors are looking after our best interests, but lamely refer to national health institutions advice without considering our past medical history.

This isn’t about resisting against safety measures, we resist because we refuse to the demands of giving the power over our lives to the establishment.

We must Defend our rights to decide for ourselves. Not submitting to be blackmailed, to let the governments deprive us from our fundamental human rights. It is us taking back our freedom of movement, freedom of speech and demand unlimited self-determination, with our own conditions.

People who takes the vaccines have right to do so, its every one’s right to choose for themselves, but for the sake of freedoms, don’t allow your data to be registered to centralized database. You have the right to refuse1, use your rights and stand up for them! We have to stop accepting the unacceptable as if we didn’t have a choice!

This isn’t the end of our struggle for our rights, this is just the beginning!


The Idealist

#HumanRights Freedom #SelfDetermination

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