Anonymous – Emergency Appeal To Fight Famine in Yemen

Due to the ongoing war in Yemen, civilians are struggling to survive. They are forced to choose between food and other necessities such as electricity, water and medicine. 24.3 million people are facing starvation and many of them are children.

More than 6 years of war and siege have left Yemen’s roads impassable and have turned its hospitals and clinics to rubble, while a ruinous blockade of Yemen’s ports has depleted the country’s supplies of life-saving medicine.
Since war broke out in Yemen, around 400,000 children under 5 years of age are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. The children oh Yemen have suffered far too long, living in conditions no human being should ever have to bear. It is sad that the young generation of Yemen is facing so many challenges for living a normal life.

Anonymous is on the ground in the area, offering direct action and help. Please support this campaign at the fundraiser here: Emergency Appeal To Fight Famine in Yemen

Facts about Yemen:

Deterioration of the situation in key humanitarian sectors


With only 50% of health facilities fully functional, and a disruption of salaries paid to health personnel, 17.4 million people in Yemen require assistance to ensure adequate access to healthcare – 9.3 million of whom are in acute need.


Some 2.4 million children and 1.5 million pregnant or lactating women are acutely malnourished. An estimated 8.5 million people are in need of nutrition assistance, with 3.4 million people who will require treatment for acute malnutrition in 2020.


The 2020 school year started with a setback in the education process in 13 out of 22 governorates. This is due to the extended time of non-payment of salaries for teachers. Schools across the country are unfit for use due to conflict-related damage, hosting of IDPs, or occupation by armed groups. An estimated 4.4 million school-age children require assistance to continue their education.


We’re aiming through our 3rd individual fundraising campaign to help malnourished children along with families with the following


We’re going to provide food for displaced and needy families along with their children.

1. Food Packs

Our plan is to support Yemen’s displaced and needy families with their children by providing food packs. Each food pack costs £30 and contains:

25 Kilos of White Flour
25 Kilos of Brown Flour
10 Kilos of Rice
5 Kilos of Sugar
4 Liters of Cooking Oil
2. Meals (Vegetables, Breads and Chicken)

We plan to distribute vegetables, breads and chicken four times a month every Friday. Each meal costs £5 and contains:

1 Chicken
1 Kilo of Vegetables
5 Pieces of Bread

With your generous donations we aim to help thousands of families and their children to access safe water sources that will help to reduce the spread of diseases such as Cholera!

1. Water Tanks

We’re going to install water tanks in many areas, that will help families to get clean water on a continuous basis. Each water tank can serve hundreds of families and the cost of each installment is £600.

2. Provide Clean Water

After the installment of the water tanks, we will provide clean water to each tank on a weekly basis. The cost of providing water for each tank is £15.


During the winter season, our mission will be concentrating on:

1. Winter Blankets

Thousands of children with their families are in deep need for blankets to protect themselves and their children from acute cold. We’re going to reach out to those families with blankets and each family will get two heavy blankets. Each blanket costs:

£20 Single Blanket
£30 Double Blanket
2. Winter Clothes

A part of the collected funds will be used for providing clothes for the children. The cost of clothing each child will be £25

One of the main missions for our 3rd fundraising campaign is healthcare and that will be covered by:

1. Malnourished Children

Providing the malnourished children under 5 years of age with milk, nutrition supplement and medicine. The cost of each case is £15 per month.

2. Diabetes Chronic

That will cover the people who can’t buy diabetes medicine. The cost of each case is £15 per month.

3. Disabled People

We’re going to provide disabled people some cash every month for life line assistance and medicine because many disabled people are unable to work and earn a living.

In case the disabled people should require surgery for their recovery, we will post medical reports that contain case statement, hospital, patient details and the total course of the surgery.


As we all know that “children are our future” we’re going to support education and enable hundreds of children to return to school.

1. School Bags

Each school bag will contain necessary equipment for students such as notebooks, pencils, pens, rubbers…etc. The cost of each school bag is £10.

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