Anonymous is ready for the Million Mask March of 2019

As the 5th of November approaches, Anonymous is getting ready for the yearly Million Mask March. The event once started in 2012 as Operation Vendetta in light of Guy Fawkes day. On November the 5th the Anonymous collective and affiliated activists and hacktivists march together in unity to show the world that we are here. The event is non violent and not affiliated to any political groups or other movements. It is an event where you can join and stand up for your human rights. We wear a mask to stay safe, but there are no rules about what kind of mask you should wear.

In 2019 the Million Mask March will be much more important than usually. This year we saw journalists and whistleblowers being incarcerated, we saw the internet being censored in the EU and we saw protests against corrupt governments erupting all over the world. We expect multiple groups, including the Free Assange movement, the StopACTA2 activists and the yellow vests to join the rest of us at the event locations. This will be the moment we let the people in power know that even though many might not always (be able to) speak out anymore, we are watching and aware of everything they do. While we have many differences among us, we agree on one main thing: We are losing our freedoms and it is happening fast.

The Anonymous collective published a full list of events at:

Anonymous Million Mask March Locations

It is also available as a Pastebin here.

These lists contain no ads, no opinions, just the events with the meeting places and the times. Even though many organizers still create event pages on Facebook, it is not necessary to join that website to find the information. Just show up at the time and place mentioned and there will be your brothers and sisters to meet up with you.

There is also a handy map here: 

Anonymous Million Mask March events on Google Maps

As Anonymous is not a group, and there are no leaders or members, it is always possible that a list is not complete. Even though we all try to keep the event list updated, if you can’t find an event, try going to social media and typing Million Mask March Yourcityname to find a location close to you. Are you planning to start your own event? Be fast so we can help you to advertise it. The contact information is in the Pastebin, so if you just create the event, it can be added as soon as you send a message.

We are very excited for this years march as it will likely be bigger than ever. Our teams will be joining at locations all over the world. So we hope to meet you too at the Million Mask March in 2019!

Note for streamers: The team of Anonymous Bites Back is planning to provide live coverage of events. Streamers who are active at the events can contact @ABBLiveShow on Twitter. You can either join the live shows or stream directly to the platform. For urgent contact, join them on the Anonymous Bites Back Discord. You will always get a reply as soon as possible.

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