The community that collapsed!

How can a well-functioning welfare society disappear in a few years? Denmark, which was known for providing high service to its citizens, is no longer a relationship. The state was formerly a joint venture, has now become a privately owned company. I have asked the Danish Prime Minister about the real ownership situation, but she has not wanted to answer. Does it have an impact on citizens? Unfortunately yes! In a company, profits must be generated for the owners and these owners are very greedy. None of the official accounts of the country is correct and is highly misleading. So how can one cheat an entire population without know one discovering it? By telling them that the state is helping them and that is a perfect crime! All this has happened, step by step. In my next post, I will reveal how. Remember that Denmark is a pilot country for New world order and you will see it happen in the near future in the rest of the world. Unfortunately. Until stay safe. The best wish Citizenwhy88

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