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  • The ‘Afghan War logs‘ published by WikiLeaks in 2010 were the disclosure of a collection of internal U.S. military logs of the War in Afghanistan.
  • the ‘Afghanistan Papers‘ published by the Washington Post in December 2019 reveal that senior U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year campaign.

Some ten years after the publication of the Afghan war logs, and having been arbitrarily detained and tortured, Julian Assange now faces extradition to the United States.

Here’s a reverse timeline of what happened in 2019 as told by expert journalists, attorneys and (former) United Nations rapporteurs.
Hyperlinks go into source documents and interviews with those mentioned.

expected February 2020 – Extradition hearing in the UK (read 2018 endictment)

2019 November – Sweden drops its investigation into the alleged rape

2019 October – ‘report from the extradition hearing’ (read Craig Murray)

2019 September – ‘How to run a Whistleblower defense’
Expert defense attorney for whistleblowers Jesselyn Radack explains how the legal system is being turned against truthtelling and how to defend against that in both a courtroom and in the court of public opinion. (watch/hear interview)

2019 August – ‘Freedom of Information Cases in the case of Assange’
Investigative journalist Stefania Maurizi filed Freedom of Information cases (FOIA) with Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia and the US in a search for factual evidence concerning Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, considering that Assange has remained arbitrarily detained for the last nine years and he and his staff at WikiLeaks have been under continuous investigation by US authorities since 2010. (watch/hear interview)


2019 July – ‘Demasking the torture of Assange’
The United Nations Rapporteur for torture, Nils Melzer, in 2019 reports that Julian Assange is being tortured in a concerted and prolonged defamation campaign by the UK, US, Sweden and Ecuador. He details what went on in the Ecuadorian embassy and with allegations by Sweden of sexual misconduct. (watch/hear interview)

2019 April – ‘Assange’s arrest from the Embassy and whistleblower protection’
April 11th 2019 Julian Assange was arrested in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Whistleblower advocate Naomi Colvin talks about the situation of Assange, about Whistleblower protection and what this means moving forward. She is then in Strasbourg where the EU Whistleblower protection directive was passed a day earlier. Naomi talks about UK whistleblower Lauri Love, who’s extradition to the US was successfully fought and prevented. (watch/hear interview)


2019 March – ‘Chelsea Manning in jail, again’
Chelsea Manning (who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 after disclosing to WikiLeaks and who was released in 2017) was taken into custody again March 8th 2019 for contempt, refusing to cooperate with a secret grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks/Julian Assange. In this interview professor of international law and human rights expert Alfred de Zayas talks about the grand jury system and puts the situation of Manning in perspective of human rights and international law. (watch/hear interview)

interview sources:

2015 DecemberThe United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Deems the deprivation of liberty of Mr. Julian Assange as arbitrary (read ONCHR)Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy visited by Alfred de Zayas

2012 June – Assange seeks/gets political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

2012 May – Assange loses extradition appeal at Supreme Court

2010 October – WikiLeaks publishes ‘Afghan / Iraq warlogs’ (read wikiLeaks)

2010 September – arrest warrant issued against Assange [alleged rape] from Sweden

2010 April – WikiLeaks publishes the ‘collateral murder’ video (read wikiLeaks)

2007 September – WikiLeaks publishes ‘US Military Equipment in Afghanistan’ (read wikiLeaks)

2006 – WikiLeaks is founded



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