The silent extermination of the unwanted in Denmark.

The people who are aware of the New World Order know that it is about acquiring the part of the population that is not in the favour of the elite. Many are waiting for a real civil war or military intervention at some point. Many people do not know is that it has started and has been going on for at least 10 years. It is obvious that it will be resurrected if a private company like the state went out and shot and slaughtered people in public but it is not needed and the way the company “the state” seems smart and well thought out, but no more than it is obvious to all! Who are the undesirable in Denmark? It is those who do not exactly have a taxable income that the state can steal and further lead to the holding company, that is, unemployed, homeless, somatic chronically ill and mentally ill as well as people from the Middle East (though Jews are exempt), as the main thing of the elite thing is Jewish roots, ex, Mette Frederiksen and the Ellemann family, etc. It is thought-provoking that 2/3 of the “elitetinget” is Jews. But if you are not a Jew, you cannot know for sure, because everyone can get out of unemployment, homelessness and illness and no matter what background you come up with. If one of these things happens to you, you are convicted and you will not be allowed to come back. Well, that doesn’t people die off? No, not just like that, because before then, your CPR nr should be used as a catalyst so that the powerful person of the elite can withdraw money from the tax system and into private accounts, through holistic efforts (which I will illustrate in my next articles) But the strategy is very simple, offer these groups living conditions that are so harsh that propagating seems incomprehensible and not financially feasible. Therefore, all services have been capped, so that the elite thing can control who should have the opportunity to propagate and who should not have this right. And within a generation or two, these groups no longer exist. A very clear example is people with mental illness. Psychiatry has been running for the past 15 years, solely because it does not make sense to help/treat people who are not wanted and who you want to eradicate from the elite thing. The same applies to the other groups, but not as obvious.

Take care of yourselves out there
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