Wuhan Pneumonia Updates (28 Jan)

Updated 28.01.2020   GMT 2:50

From today (28.01.2020) onwards, we as global citizens facing the same public health crisis, hope to bring readers truthful and timely updates about the outbreak of the new coronavirus from China.  The site would be updated as frequent as required according to information released, with the latest tolls and global measures, governments’ and societies’ response to the situation.


Tolls Update
As of 28th Jan morning, the total number of diagnosed cases in China have exceeded 4500, where death toll reached 106.  Wuhan reported 100 cases of death from Wuhan Pneumonia, the 6 others in total were found in Henan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, Hebei and Heilongjiang.

Outside China, diagnosed cases were first reported in Starnberg, suburban area near Munich in Germany, Colombo in Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

Until the moment, the followings are the number of new and total diagnosed cases reported by the respective countries.

China: total 4527 ; 106 deaths

Hong Kong: total 8
Macau: total 7
Taiwan: total 8

Australia: 1 ; total 5
Korea: total 4
America: 2 ; total 5
Japan: 1 ; total 4
Thailand: total 8
Canada: 2
Singapore: total 5
Malaysia: total 4
France: total 3
Vietname: total 2
Nepal: total 1

Evacuation of Expats in China

Various countries are planning to evacuate their citizens from China.

The US have stated that they will be arranging planes on 29th for diplomatic officers, their family and other citizens to evacuate from Wuhan, expecting to land in California. The arranged plane is a Boeing 767 airliner, with a capacity of 240. The priority would be given to over 30 diplomatic officers and their family, and then ranked from the highest risk of infection to the lowest.

At the mean time, Japan with 560 citiznes in Hubei province, among them 430 in Wuhan, is preparing to evacuate their citizens as well.  Other than America and Japan, France have announced to evacuate citizens in Wuhan within the week, while Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka and Thailand are in progress of seeking agreement in evacuation. Australia, the UK, Germany and India are considering about the option.


Medical Experts in The University of Hong Kong Warned in Press Release

Experts in The University of Hong Kong warned in press release on 27th that the actual number of infected cases are likely to be far higher than the diagnosed and reported case.  In fact tens of thousands could already be infected now.

According to estimation based on released data, until 25th January there were very likely 25,000 infected in Wuhan and 43,000 patients in incubation.  Outside Wuhan, it is estimated that there were 1,300 cases.  From the simulation, diagnosed cases are expected to be doubling every 6 days.  The outbreak is expected to peak in May, and to drop only since July.









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