Orwellianism! For Your Own Safety…😒

I’m sure most of you have seen the commercials telling you to stay home or that we are apart now so we can be together later. And of course, after seeing this commercial, you feel safe and cozy inside. No need to worry Big Brother is protecting you. How can governmental officials impose lockdowns and stay at home orders regardless of their impact on citizens and the economy? The law that gives federal and state officials this control is called the National Continuity Plan.

In 2007 George W. Bush signed the National Continuity Plan into law, which was paraded as an updated version of the old National Continuity Plan.

“On May 4, 2007, I issued the National Continuity Policy, an updated, integrated approach to maintaining a comprehensive and effective continuity capability to ensure the preservation of our constitutional form of government and the continuing performance of National Essential Functions under all conditions.” – George W. Bush (Page 5)

Once a national emergency is declared in any country, the government gains unfathomable Orwellian powers over its citizenry. Recently there were reports that a secret military squadron is deploying in Washington D.C, which is seeing an uptick in COVID19 cases. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper repeatedly stated that no secret military operations were being conducted by the U.S. Military in the United States. Now reports have surfaced that a secret military operation has been going on in Washington D.C. since March 15th.

The unit deployed to Washington D.C. is called the Joint Task Force National Capital Region (JTF-NCR). They were activated on March 15th, and their mission is to defend the nation’s capital by air, land, and waterfronts. The National Continuity Plan includes a plan to evacuate Washington D.C. and it is the Joint Task Force National Capital Region that is trained to carry out such a large scale evacuation.

A military official who requested anonymity told Newsweek, “no one wants to talk evacuation, especially when there’s nowhere to go.” The Joint Task Force National Capital Region, is not tasked with evacuating members of the public they are trained to evacuate government, and military officials from Washington D.C. to secret locations, if the order is given to evacuate the nation’s capital.

The National Continuity Plan contains language that allows the president of the United States to formulate a “shadow government.” The is a historical record of a shadow government being deployed in the past, George W. Bush enacted a shadow government in the days after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

CBS News reported in 2009, “A shadow government’ consisting of 75 or more senior officials has been living and working secretly outside Washington since Sept. 11 in case the nation’s capital is crippled by a terrorist attack.”

Dick Chaney enacted the “Continuation of Government” plans which included a national State of Emergency promptly after the 9/11 attacks but did not disclose that this plan was enacted until 2002. This State of Emergency was extended by Barack Obama during his presidential stay, and then the National Emergency was extended again by Donald Trump recently. The U.S. media dubbed the plan a “permanent emergency plan” as the Orwellian post 9/11 powers were yet again extended.

“Following a catastrophic national emergency, the President, or his successor can authorize the establishment of a temporary “shadow government” to maintain control of the essential functions of the Federal Government.” (The Shadow Government)

This pandemic has forced over 22 million Americans into unemployment wiping out all the jobs created since the 2008 Great Recession. And while state and local officials are blaming COVID19 for massive unemployment numbers this virus did not order the country to shut down, our government did.

Small businesses deemed nonessential were forced to close while the major conglomerates like Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco were allowed to stay open. Schools, office buildings, malls, and public parks all forced to close, but liquor stores were deemed essential. Major bailouts were given like the 25 billion given to the airline industry while American citizens were given $1,200 per household and $500 per child?

In my opinion, there are too many negative things happening to what the powers-that-be refer to as the havenots. I for one am not distracted by musical performances and pleas from rich people asking poor people to donate money. A few years ago I came across a PDF document from the NASA Langley Research Center in which I wrote about in “Is Nasa Involved In Population Control?” There was one slide in this PDF document that alarmed me, it was entitled, “Inexpensive Motivational Asynchronous Web-Based Distance Education Enables” (Page 25)

The demise of the U.S. underclasses?

Stabilization of the world’s population?

Equalization of the haves and Havenots?

Altered military and political outlooks worldwide?

I will let readers draw their own conclusions from these documents…

The title of the PDF is “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare Circa 2025” and to me, the whole 100-page document is worth looking at. NASA will not comment on the documents because they were leaked to the public. A wise man once told me the only way to not feel like shit is to keep your head above all the bullshit, I suggest others do the same. Please do not trust anyone, but you, only trust the facts and information you can verify. Heads on swivels.

Written by Joziah Thayer

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