Hong Kong Problem: It’s Time We Stop the Monster

Looking at the problems in Hong Kong leading to massive protests since last year, it’s all of the results of letting China get away with the unlawful things it’s been doing.  The world has a set of rules, like human rights, laws and treaties countries signed.  China has been violating them blatantly, not just trampling on the promises on Hong Kong but also the Sino-British Joint Declaration with Britain, and no one were there to punish the entire time.  Without sanctions the rules don’t exist, and that’s how we let the well-fed monster grew.

The problems in Hong Kong isn’t about Hong Kong, it’s about China.  China could silence its people, not HongKongese.  But now it is going to.


Said the Monster, “Fuck your rules!”

According to the Sino-British Joint Declaration, China was supposed to keep its promise to let Hong Kong stay as it was under British rule for 50 years.  Among the long list of promises, the essence is to have the autonomous region ruling itself.  Hong Kong should have its own law-making and enforcing processes independent from China which China has no right to barge into.

However, China said “Fuck your rules!” to the world on the 21st of May, with the proposal of the “National Security Law” in Hong Kong, ready to be voted in a week time.  All these were decided and announced and voted in Beijing, totally bypassing the legislation process of Hong Kong as an autonomous region.  Apart from the legislation process, the laws themselves violate even more of China’s promises.

The worse of them include the vague “Inciting Subversion of State Power” and “Subversion of State Power”, which the totalitarian government has been using against activist, lawyers and writers.  Famous cases of arrests under “Inciting Subversion of State Power” include Liu Xiaobo’s written proposal to democratize China and Tan Zuoren demanding an investigation of construction flaws after the Sichuan earthquake.  After the laws would soon be officially implemented, freedom of speech and press would certainly not stay, furthermore all protests could be considered “Subversion of State Power”.

Chinese officials have as well confirmed that Chinese law enforcement officers could officially be on duty in Hong Kong, which has not been allowed according to the Basic Law of Hong Kong.  The three powers of legislation, administration, justice systems would be demanded to work as a whole after the implementation of the National Security Law, completely disregards the principle of Separation of Powers in Hong Kong.


When someone force bullshit laws on you, you don’t need spies to tell you to resist.

If there is one thing that I have to complain about the media coverage of the passing of the law today, it would be how they’ve used “approved”.  China did not “approved” of someone else’s proposal.  No one proposed something and asked the CCP for approval.  It was itself proposing last week and is now forcing them onto Hong Kong, with 1 vote against the proposal among 2878 voting machines in Beijing.

Some suggested that the protests were all illusions encouraged and infused by spies.  I sincerely wish that was the case.  The HongKongese have been resisting such laws since 2003, when the National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill was proposed in local legislation.  500,000 took their anger and opposition to the street and made that the largest protest in local history until the Umbrella Movement in 2014.  Similarly last year, in the attempt to enforce Chinese laws in Hong Kong with extradition bill, one-forth of the population went to resist, making up to 2,000,000 protesters in the single largest protest.

In 2020, when the Chinese government force the same set of laws the people has been resisting since 17 years ago but with a larger scope and more vague definitions, it is almost instinct to come again to the streets despite everything to voice ourselves out.  According to a recent survey in Hong Kong with over 370,000 respondents, 99% of them were against the enforcement of the National Security Law.  Clearly there is no need of any spy activity to gather people to voice against their potential torture.


If you’re with us, it’s time to stand up.

According to Chinese officials, the National Security Law is likely to be in effect within 3 months.  Therefore if you’re with us, the people of Hong Kong, there is no time to wait and no time to waste.  Coming to the root of the problem, we have to stand up against the inhumane totalitarian monster.  To stop China, we have to finally make the rules and promises count.  China should no longer get away with any more of its mischief.

What you could do is to write to your local parliament members and request sanctioning China.  Imposing taxes and cutting down business with China could help taming the monster by starving it.  If possible, you could also write to ask to offer asylum for HongKongese activists to be ready for the law’s implementation.  As of the moment, Taiwan and the UK (for BNO holders) have decided to loosen their immigration policies for potential Hongkongese in need.

By all means, please share the news to raise awareness of this issue.  When our hands are tied, we need help from the outside to pressure the Chinese government.  This is not limited to the National Security Law in Hong Kong, but the other incidents where China deserves the sanctioned as well.


Worse case scenario: You won’t hear about bad news in Hong Kong starting 3 months later.

But I believe the people would not give up.  We would fight till the very last breath, so please stand with us as long as you can.



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