The US Government’s Love Affair with UFOs

Whether you are an ardent skeptic or a passionate believer in the unknown, it’s hard to deny, there’s something amok in our skies. Last month the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of a series of leaked UFO videos from alleged government whistleblower Louis Elizondo, leading many to wonder if the sightings were a hoax, or the first step towards disclosure. So what gives Uncle Sam? Why is the Pentagon making noise about UFOs? What the heck is all this about?!

While it remains a mystery as to what the objects are or why the Pentagon has decided to confirm the authenticity of the leaked UFO videos, these events are only the latest chapter in the long history of the US government’s love affair with UFOs. Indeed, decades of research and millions of dollars have been spent in pursuit of identifying them:

This list is far from exhaustive, but it demonstrates the long history of initiatives by the US Government to better understand UFOs since WW2. It should be noted that they do not prove that the government believes UFOs are real, nor confirms that they are extraterrestrial; but one must wonder, why would the government spend so much time studying UFOs?

The military has argued that it is a matter of safety: a paranoid public is a dangerous public, and therefore debunking UFOs is critical to national security. But could there be something deeper and more profound at work? Until then, the truth is out there…

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