One week left until the Anonymous Million Mask March of 2020 – Are you ready?

Like every year, on the 5th of November Anonymous goes to the streets again for a Million Mask March. All over the world activists and supporters speak out for the things they believe in. In solidarity with each other. The Anonymous Million Mask March is an event that brings all Anons together and it is a day of the year where we forget about differences among us, and we show the world that we are here and we are strong.

Anonymous is not a group, everyone is welcome. So if there is something you really care about, join us in this march. Head to a location in the event list and just join in. You will be welcomed with open arms and people will always be friendly to you. This event exists for you.

The Discord server where many organizers and participants meet:

Anonymous Million Mask March

Event list of 2020:

Anonymous Million Mask March 2020 event list

Note: New events are added all the time but Anonymous is decentralized. If there is no location close to you in the list, it doesn’t hurt to go to social media and search for “Million Mask March Yourcity” to find an event you can join.

Although it’s worth noting that there are no specific goals for the march or collective, there is, however, an overarching desire within the collective shared by many to combat censorship, promote freedom of speech and counter government control. Anti-oppression and supporting whistleblowers seems to be something most can also agree on.

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