The Julian Assange Trial: Judge rules No Extradition (Full coverage by Anonymous Bites Back)

Today was the big day. The outcome of the trial of journalist Julian Assange, who is in prison for publishing facts about War Crimes committed by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The extradition request was rejected because of medical reasons. The judge said was likely he was going to commit suicide if he would end up in a United States prison.

The full court document can be downloaded here: Click

United States prosecutors announced they would appeal, and the defense demanded to have him released on bail. This bail hearing is Wednesday, so if all goes well he could be home this week.

Anonymous Bites Back covered the full decision live, with updates from journalists watching the court house live stream.

Watch it here:

Mark Lubbers

Il Cattivo
Rico Brouwer
Taylor Hudak

Statement by Barbaryfigs:

The Assange verdict is very worrying. The judge agreed with all of the US arguments, the US appeal will guarantee his health – and life – and the judge will be free to extradite him.

No judge in a NATO country was ever going to block the extradition on anything but health grounds. Some say a decision to extradite would have been better because the appeal would then have come from the Assange camp and could have been upheld on health grounds.

And don’t forget: in the fabulous full democracy that is the UK, the Home Office (Interior Ministry) has the final word. I hope I’m wrong, but this battle is far from over and Julian Assange still needs all the help he can get. 

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