#OpStoolie targets police scandal in Northern Germany

On August 16th of 2020, Anonymous Waterkant launched Operation Stoolie to claim the illumination of a huge police scandal that shakes Northern Germany.

What is it all about? Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, 13th of January 2010. At this moment the city is the center of the so called biker war. Several Bandidos gather in a central park, walk to the nearby fast food restaurant “Subway” and steal the vests from Hells Angel’s supporters waiting for their command. One of the Red Devils is stabbed and badly injured. During the investigations there are several mishaps, the trial at the district court in Kiel is not able to identify the culprit for the stabbing. Misconduct within the police and contradictions in the files are that heavy that observers start to ask questions. This case contains manipulated court files, persecuted whistleblowers, a fired Interior Minister, muzzled officers, discredited media – but so far no solution, even after ten years a lot of questions remain still unanswered.

Operation Stoolie: Anonymous Waterkant got involved in the debate to focus on the cooperation between German police and fascist stoolies: “After the Subway robbery, Alexander Hardt, despite clear indications of his involvement in the crime, was not the subject of closer investigation and was never brought to trial. Is this protection by the investigating authorities based on his status as an undercover agent? That the police chose a partner with a deeply inhuman world view, who belonged to the right-wing terrorist network ‘Combat 18’ and whose contacts extended as far as the NSU terror cell, is the real scandal of this whole affair.” Read the whole English summary here. In August, Anonymous leaked internal court files. On November 5th, Anonymous Waterkant participated in the international Million Mask March 2020 and presented a banner claiming “(Dis)Solve it”: Solve the case of the fascist stoolie who stabbed a rival biker in Neumünster ten years ago but until now is exempt from punishment, dissolve the fascist biker-cop-connection.

See more:

English documentary: youtube.com/watch?v=iS3d_j

Anonymous declaration on Operation Stoolie: https://youtu.be/BfyTcPQoSmk

Anonymous Waterkant: https://twitter.com/AWaterkant

Fight for transparency and democracy! No justice, no peace – no fascist police!

#OpStoolie #OpNo2Fascism #endimpunity #10yearsnojustice

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