Together We Are Stronger

Awakening Begets Responsibility, not just the responsibility of your intentions, but also multiple variable and potential unintended results of your actions, words, energy, etc. The outcome of your interaction with the world around you, is your full responsibility.
When People AGREE to work for the future of humanity, and empower themselves, and those around them to create a new way to share this planet, and its bountiful resources, only then, can we begin to build it together.
Every minute we work as a part of the system in place we support the very atrocities committed by this system, against the betterment of our fellow Human beings.
The illusion of the power that is held over us is breaking. We are beginning to see.
We can break this illusion.
We can choose not to partake with the malicious compliance that creates the schism between the family of Humanity.

If Humanitarian Aid had the smallest portion of the same sense of urgency, the same effort and of course the finances applied to the Arms and Space races, we would not be experiencing the tragic and senseless deaths form starvation and lack of fresh water, and basic medical, and all basic human needs not being met.
We must unite as a Conscious Collective.
This is a call, to all human beings. This world is in a state of Emergency. Be the First Responders. To Wake UP! To Stand UP! UNITE!
Stop for just one moment, and think about the decisions you make, and your responsibility for the results of your CHOICES.
Take control of your life, of every minute of your day. Stop accepting this conditioning of acquiescence of a permission-based world, to a FREE WORLD!

A challenge all. To think for just a moment, as a human being, on a single planet occupied by all the other living human beings, then ask yourself who should have the experience of watching a family member die of a need that could have been met.
The time to compete has passed, and we can make the decision to cooperate. We have the responsibility to do so.
Separate, or in small groups we grow weaker every day.

Together We Are Stronger

We are Legion

We are Many

We will not forget

We will not forgive

Expect US

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