US-Saudi arms deals legitimize the continuation of the war on Yemen!


US-Saudi arms deals legitimize the continuation of the war on Yemen!

1. Making money is one of the most important aim of the US administration:

It is not in the interest of the United States to stop the Saudi-Yemeni war because stopping the war means stopping American arms sales. The last deal of providing air to air missile to Saudi that worth $650 million is a good example here.

United States’s administration justifies to the world that arms deals to Saudi and UAE are an enhancement of US’s national security, while in fact Saudi is being implicated in committing war crimes and genocide in order to blackmail these regimes to pay more money in order to cover up the crimes committed since 2015.

2. The conflict between regional powers and making Yemen the practical field of war for the purpose of hegemony:

The United States exploited the Iranian file in the Yemeni war in a way that raises Saudi fears, considering that the Iranian project is the equivalent of the Saudi pro-American project, and this gives the pretext for the intensive establishment of military bases and militarization of the region.

3. The Yemeni-Saudi war serves the Israeli agenda, and this pleases the American administration:

Yemen is considered an important strategic location as it controls the Bab al-Mandab strait in the Red Sea, as it constitutes a focal point in the future of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Internationalizing the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea and keeping the Yemeni islands free of Yemeni military power – an old new Zionist goal, that make the United States keep supporting Saudi Arabia and UAE with arms.

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