The Illusion of Safety

Mandatory Vaccinations – 2G regulations (Vaccinated and/or Recovered) – EU Green Pass/QR code regulations

Why you should oppose these, regardless if you are vaccinated, recovered or unvaccinated. It’s just an illusion of non-existent assurance and safety behind it.

Hysteria around Omicron variant is spreading faster than the variant. The Western Governments speak about 4th Boosters, even before the 3rd ones have been administrated. It reminds of insanity, where there is a reaction, before the evidence and facts are known. As a reminder, the West is holding to Vaccine patents selfishly, and the developing countries have no access to vaccines because regions like EU, and countries like the US and UK, are reserving most of the production for themselves. Immunizing the Western World isn’t stopping the pandemic because of the vaccine inequality. The profits are placed over human lives.

Thinking back the year 2021 has been worse than 2020, with vaccines, became the tyranny, using people’s vaccination status against their freedom. As awesome some might think, the miracle vaccines are, there are evidence they don’t work exactly as well as communicated. The so-called break through infections are not rare. The compromised own immune system is not a fake news, including several reactivated infections, like Herpes, Varicella and EBV caused by the vaccines, as well as COVID itself. What other diseases in remission can become reactivated by vaccine, there isn’t data and research available.

The states allow unprotected contacts among vaccinated and recovered persons, while locking in the unvaccinated. Sure, the number of cases go down, but only about 50%. Who are the remaining 50% still keeping the countries infection rates unacceptably high? Aren’t they the vaccinated and recovered persons allowed to meet without negative test result.

There is evidence of young people who had COVID in 2020 and were vaccinated in Autumn 2021, getting sick with COVID, 3 months after the second jab, getting moderately ill for few weeks, recovered for 3 weeks and testing positive again within the same month. Cases like this, by default can travel and enter any places without taking precautions. The responsibility belongs to the Health Authorities and the Health Ministers, who are applying rules, that in the end are not offering any protection to anyone.

The vaccine “side effects” are including reactivated Herpes infections, posts six months after the second jab. What does the third and fourth boosters do to one’s own immunity is unknow. People cannot research something which is in the “future”, therefore the statement, “benefits outweighs the risks” are void. Because the risks cannot be known at this stage. “Probably none”, is not based on facts, everything what we know today is an assumptions at the most, except the already known effects.

Making vaccines mandatory during the first quarter of 2022 is violating Human Rights, because there is no evidence, that there are no long-term consequences of taking these “preventatives”, that evidently don’t prevent infections. They must stay voluntary, given after free, fully informed prior consent. With assurance from the Government, that in case of adverse reactions and long term consequences, there will be liabilities paid out for vaccine injuries, caused by medicinal product that currently don’t have ten years study behind it. The claim, vaccines saves lives is true in case of many other diseases, with COVID19, the preventative action hasn’t yet achieved, only possible protection against severe illness. Thus making it mandatory, would be unethical and immoral over reach of power.

What would help is: the Governments, must abolish discriminatory QR regulations, as they are directly pushing the infection rates up. No person can be considered as “not infected” by vaccination or past disease status. Everyone can be infected and only TESTS can prove it otherwise.

What they should do is to make home Antigen tests free of charge, so everyone can test before meeting others at their own discretion. Retailers, hairdresser, beauty salons, culture, sports, restaurants, bars and clubs must be accessible to everyone. If there should be any regulation in place until the pandemic is over, it’s TESTING without discrimination and NOT the vaccine mandates.

EU Green Pass – The fake sense of security and safety

EU Commission allows people to travel with the Green Pass without testing, for vaccinated and recovered people. As described above the specific cases with infections and relapses, its illusion of safety, if not strait forward lie. Scanning a QR code in the airport doesn’t give evidence the person isn’t infected.

Many people stay silent of the truth, they believe what the doctors say, “there is no evidence, this is caused by vaccine”, even its written-on vaccine producers’ website. This isn’t the right time to believe everything what the doctors say, because they are too, under strict orders by the Governments Health institutions to push the vaccine agenda, gagged for telling us the truth.

Personally, I don’t interfere on others decisions, because its everyone’s human right to do what they think is best for them. I do believe that decisions should be based on evidence and truthful knowledge. Everything should be released, regarding the vaccines. All the research documents, discoveries, regardless if they are bad or good, people have the right to know the TRUTH.

This is including the Pharma contracts and memos from the negotiations. Not leaving out private messages on WhatsApp, like is the case with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. She is negotiating with Tax payer’s money, while at work, as a Public Servant, she has no right to privacy during her office hours on contracts involving spending public money.

To conclude, are people making their decisions based on what they know as facts, or what they read on Mainstream media, owned or funded by those who are profiting from Big Pharma industry. Are they hanging on blind faith, towards the system and politicians that they believe can protect them. Without even engaging the community and people to their pandemic response.

Waking up to reality isn’t pleasant, but today it can save lives.

Disclaimer: The above information is based on true events. Opinions are my own and don’t represent opinions of other or any group. It is not to be used as guidance or interfere with anyone’s decisions. Knowledge is a human right and staying silent today, is becoming complicit on events that hurt human rights. Truth is all that matters.

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