“Anarchism is freedom without violence.”

If we can’t breathe freely, speak freely and exercise our rights for freedom without interference, maybe we should divorce the society?

Freedom is the cure

for suffocation. No-one can rule the thought or idea, it’s the liberty of each individual to decide for themselves and respect the same liberty of others. We don’t need another system ruling over us, when we can have a world without domination in freedom.

In existing system, the fault is who rules over it, rather than in the system itself.

The solution is to take over the system and change the rule of power to community driven one, decentralized “governance” run as a collective without leaders.

Denouncing the current power structures means taking responsibility over our own lives. Focusing on making our dreams to become the reality.


  • We believe, in world without a wars, where everyone is treated with dignity and humanity, regardless of politics, religion, origins, disability, gender or sexual orientation.
  • We believe, in anarchist society, where everyone has deciding power over his/hers own life.
  • We believe, in equal freedom of speech, freedom of the press and right to know without censorship.
  • We believe in exposing the corrupted and human rights abusive corporations, the mechanisms, that certify their greenwashed lies and endorses their inhuman activities.
  • We believe in open borders, to the freedom of travel without discrimination, to enable the human right to self determination.
  • We believe in speaking out the truth and the blight of suffering communities who are getting displaced and murdered, because of corporate greed. Corporates who are supported by the governments for financial benefits.
  • We denounce tax payers money to be used in Defense, Military and Police forces. Money that are now used for destruction, should be used feeding the poor and helping the frail.
  • We denounce the rules and regulations, implemented by the current Governments and institution. As they are implemented and enforced without the voice of the communities.
  • We denounce the current Governments decisions to engage in wars, killing innocent civilians and practicing dominance over other nations. These are wars between the Government officials, not wars of the people. They are not taking place in our name!
  • We denounce the treaties and pledges the Governments signs, as these treaties are nothing but empty words, filled with lies.
  • We denounce the Court judgements and misconduct, such as the persecution of Julian Assange, arrest of Human Rights Activists and Defenders for their actions driven by love for humanity. Not one obeying the unjust laws, implemented by the governments, who are criminalizing humanity. The courts today, are nothing but the extensions of the political agendas, created to oppress the human rights of the individuals, for the benefit of war and economical criminals.”
  • We are losing humanity, not because we are inhuman, but because of the systematic teaching of “learning to hate” certain religions, people from different origins, labeling whole nations as a terrorist. Humanity doesn’t take sides, it raises oneself above any system that categorizes other human beings.
  • We are the supply to their demand and the civilians of their civility.

There’s one group, taking sides and dominating others. The countries leaders, their faithful servants, the military and the police force, engaging in inhuman and brutal suppression of the ordinary citizens. There is the “enemy”, the teachers of hate and racism, destruction and manipulative lies. Stealing from the common budget to kill citizens in other countries. Distributing propaganda, and again teaching us to, “hate” the terrorist criminals, the babies, mothers and children who’s houses gets blown away. Teaching us to “hate” the whole nations, different religion groups, races, labelling them under the name TERRORISTS! While the terrorists lives among us, smiling and making empty meaningless statements. Lies, corruption and manipulation for personal benefits.

This is why we believe, we can change the world, by distancing, disobeying and claiming the power to rule over ourselves. Denouncing the unlawful regulations used to oppress our rights and the rights of the others, spying into our private space and trying to manipulate and coerce us to become blind citizens obeying the unjust laws. As long we refuse, we resist and disobey, in the end they lose, because they can never control an idea.

We know, we are not the only ones that think this way. This is our non-violent revolution to free the world from insanity and dictatorship. It’s the beginning of a revolution, towards the world where everyone is free from domination and discrimination.

Anarchism isn’t driven by selfish mindset, it’s a collective of millions of people without seeking to dominate or rule over another one.

Today #WeAreAllDissenters

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